7 декабря #49 встреча QA Community Днепр

Всем привет.
Приглашаем всех на #49 встречу QA Community, которая пройдет 7 декабря в 18:45.
Будет представлено два доклада:

Докладчик: Galina Novitskaya
Тема: “Implementing testing in an existing fast-growing project

We develop a project which has daily or even 2 times per day releases.
We want to automate testing and do it quickly, qualitatively and visually. What tools to choose and how easily to get started?
I share my experience in the hope of finding like-minded people, help someone to avoid mistakes, or even to inspire someone.
Mostly we will talk about Node.js, Mocha, Karma.

Докладчик: Yevhen Kozlov
Тема:  “What’s new in Postman (recent 6 months)?”

– Unlimited requests inside scripts
– Global search feature
– Organizing variables: pm.variables and nested variables to the rescue.

дата: 07.12.2017
время: 18:45
место: ул. Баррикадная, 15а, БЦ Ступени, 3 корпус